Intermediate Toolbox


The Intermediate Toolbox is designed by personal trainers who have worked in the professional field for years. The idea behind the Intermediate toolbox is that you can do as little or as much as your you have time for. The workouts are all about utilizing your body weight to shed some unwanted pounds and get you to understand anything can be done at home.

The cardiovascular portions of the program are more about sweating and moving your body consistently right in the luxury of your home. Consistency and what you eat can create the best and healthiest life style. The Intermediate toolbox is for those who have experience with working out but time is tight for getting to your gym or maybe you are in a rut and need a new regimen for home.


What's included?

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Box 1 gives you the slowest start and asks very little of you each week. Box 2,3,4 are all choices based on how much you want to put into this and how fast you want results. The bigger the box the more tools you get! Go hard and do it at home.

The best part about the Intermediate Toolbox is that you can do it at your convenience. If you love to cook, but have little time, we provide great recipes that are quick and easy to help you stay on track. The Intermediate Toolbox is great for people with some experience but may have gotten off track and you still need a little motivation and guidance. Let the Toolbox help you make this push. This is great for families, busy and/or working parents, or those who are hoping to lose weight, tone up, and get healthy. Maybe it’s time to just get the family up and moving and create a healthier environment at home.

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What Will Be Included in My Box?

This toolbox includes:

  • Welcome letter
  • 4 recipes
  • 4 cardio workouts
  • 4 at home work outs
  • Eating guide for the month
  • Meal plan guide for the month
  • Special gifts