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The Advanced Toolbox is designed for more experienced workout enthusiasts to give you that push right from the luxury of your home. YOU will be given tools to work hard, push hard, and we give you some extra motivation to make magic right in your living room. The Advanced Toolbox gives you the proper tools for you to become healthier and happier and give you a push.

You can do this program at home. The only things you need are space, time, and some additional little gadgets which can be purchased at most stores. We have included suggested nutritional guidelines in this box that will help you compose your grocery list weekly. WE help you take out the confusion of what to buy at the store. An additional bonus you will receive is motivational quotes that are perfect to hang on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. These will give you that extra motivation to keep going!


What's included?

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The Advanced Toolbox is designed by personal trainers who have worked in the professional field for years. The idea with The Advanced Toolbox is that you can do as little or as much as you have time for. The workouts are all about utilizing your body weight with combo sets to shed some unwanted pounds and get pushing harder than ever. The cardiovascular portions of the program are more about sweating and pushing to the max. Maybe your workouts and nutrition needs some assistance, the Advanced Toolbox can do this for you. The Advanced Toolbox is for those who have experience but need a push. Being advanced is about being the best you can be, let us help you!

The best part about the Advanced Toolbox is that you can do it at your convenience. If you love to cook, but have little time, we provide great recipes that are quick and easy to help you stay on track. The Advanced Toolbox is also great for families, busy and/or working parents, or those who are hoping to lose weight and get healthy, you have to want to work extra hard to be ready for this box. The advanced box gives you the tools to help you reach some goals. Maybe you have a reunion, vacation, or your family is already active – just use this box type to help tweak some things for greater results at home or make these big goals that lie ahead.

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What Will Be Included in My Box?

This toolbox includes:

  • Welcome letter
  • 4 recipes
  • 4 cardio workouts
  • 4 at home work outs
  • Eating guide for the month
  • Meal plan guide for the month
  • Special gifts

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