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Jen Hendershott
My Fitness Toolbox is to help eliminate excuses and create a healthy home. My Fitness Toolbox is a box that comes directly to your door and brings you the tools you need to create a healthy environment. We provide nutritional tips, at home workouts, recipes, and creative ways to sweat so you can feel good about yourself again and start get healthy. Life is too short to wake up feeling miserable about the way you look or how you feel. My Fitness Toolbox offers different types of boxes for different fitness levels. Our first box is a limited edition and will cater to Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced men and women who are looking for something new and creative to jump start a fitness routine or to add creativity to what they are currently doing. My Fitness Toolbox helps families get healthy also with some simple tools for the home. It is time to get off the couch, get off your phones, put down your computers, turn off the television, and for you to believe there is a healthier and better way to bring fitness into your home. Lets get the family up and moving. We deliver right to your doorstep. My Fitness Toolbox is a simple and creative way to get fit using basic tools and baby steps to get there. NOTHING happens over night. Purchase today this limited edition.

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How It Works


Step One:

Select the Toolbox and option that’s right for you.

Step Two:

You receive a Fitness Toolbox composed of nutritional tips, workouts, recipes, and more directly to your doorstep!

Step Three:

Get started with your box so you can get fit and stay healthy every month!

Let’s Get Started!

Beginner Toolbox

My Fitness Toolbox - Meal Planning

The Beginner Toolbox is designed to get you off your couch and social media and get you up and moving. Maybe its time for you to get into some of those clothes in your closet. Perhaps, you just need to change the way you live. The Beginner Toolbox gives you the proper tools for you to become healthier and happier.

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Intermediate Toolbox

My Fitness Toolbox - Inside Family Workouts

The Intermediate Toolbox is designed by personal trainers who have worked in the professional field for years. The idea behind the Intermediate toolbox is that you can do as little or as much as your you have time for. The workouts are all about utilizing your body weight to shed some unwanted pounds and get you to understand anything can be done at home.

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Advanced Toolbox

Fitness Toolbox - Advanced Workouts

The Advanced Toolbox is designed for more experienced workout enthusiasts to give you that push right from the luxury of your home. YOU will be given tools to work hard, push hard, and we give you some extra motivation to make magic right in your living room. The Advanced Toolbox gives you the proper tools for you to become healthier and happier and give you a push.

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Gluten Free Toolbox

My Fitness Toolbox - Meal Planning

In The Gym Toolbox

My Fitness Toolbox - Meal Planning

Vacation Toolbox

My Fitness Toolbox - Meal Planning